Getting Into and Around Thailand


A Brief History of Thailand

Stretching a long arm southward along the Gulf of Thailand, the bulk of this ancient country is contained in the central plains, northern mountains and...


Exploring Bangkok

The city of Bangkok is not just the capital of Thailand. It is an ancient city that houses more than 11 million people. This bustling...


Booking Tours

Thailand has a history that stretches for centuries. It has long been a country where fabulous temples and palaces were built. Even the ruins in...

The capital city of Bangkok lies along the northern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, and visitors often fly into its busy international airport. Thailand also boasts 5 other international airports spread throughout the country. Flying is considered one of the easiest ways to arrive in Thailand. For those that want to bring their vehicle, driving in from other countries is also an option. Proof of vehicle ownership is necessary when crossing the border.

Traveling by train is also an option for entering Thailand. Every major city in the country is linked through a rail network. This is considered one of the best ways to travel comfortably throughout Thailand. For those that want to leave the driving to others, bus travel is available from nearby countries and throughout Thailand. One of the best ways to travel, especially through jungle areas, is either by boat or elephant. Many locals have used these methods for centuries.