Exploring Bangkok

The city of Bangkok is not just the capital of Thailand. It is an ancient city that houses more than 11 million people. This bustling metropolis is a modern center of business, and it comes complete with skyscrapers and modern transportation. Several major highways run into the city of Bangkok, and it is surrounded by a beltway for easier travel. The city itself spans both sides of the Chao Phraya River. This river also gives access to the nearby seaport on the north side of the Gulf of Thailand. Located in the southern part of the country, Bangkok controls the economy and is the political center of Thailand.

Thailand has long been a crossroads country in Southeast Asia. As its capital, Bangkok has been a major focus for travellers on business as well as pleasure. It offers a wide variety for visitors of any type. Modern office buildings and hotels are a delight for those that come to do business in the city. There are modern night clubs and restaurants within the commercial district.

For tourists, Bangkok offers an even wider variety of sights to see. The old city is open to tourists on a daily basis. The Silom district has long been a trading centre in the city. It offers a host of small shops and is home to the local jewelry and gem traders. Once the sun sets, it is the place to find the city’s hottest night clubs.

There are many that have travelled to Thailand to experience thai massage. Other countries have developed modern massage methods based on the more gentle Chinese tradition. Unlike these methods, traditional thai massage is an invigorating experience. The person receiving the massage does not remain passive while massaged. They are expected to actively participate in the experience, especially with deep breathing exercises. It is said that this type of massage increases overall energy level and health.